WordPress Vs Wix: Which One To Choose and Why?

Before jumping on the actual comparison, let’s understand where you can use WordPress Or Wix?

When we talk about building websites for free, both these platforms are perfect choices in their way.  But we can consider Wix to be a proper website builder. However, WordPress is a great Content Management System. 

Alongside the features necessary for website building, WordPress enables you to create and manage vast libraries of content. Despite their differences, they both are great website 

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Let’s get back to the point now. We are comparing these two platforms on some factors.

  1. User Friendliness
  2. Pricing and cost
  3. Security 
  4. Template and themes
  5. Performance

Now it will be great to compare it on these factors. Let’s see who gets the upvote.

1) Beginner-Friendly/User Friendliness

Both the platforms are easy to learn and use. You can log in and start using them without investing weeks or months in learning.

With Great templates and drag and drop options, Wix takes over this factor for sure. It is a full-service site builder. As soon as you log in, there will be some questions that you need to answer to give you a more accurate suggestion.

It also gives a clean dashboard that helps you discover the options you want.

On the other side, WordPress needs a bit of technical experience to Customize the website. Creating a website from scratch need good coding knowledge.

2)Cost and Pricing

Both the platforms are free to use and also have upgrading plans. 

But Wix puts lots of their brand advertisement above the website header if used without any basic plan. It allows you to use the website with their subdomain without compromising on templates.

But to use additional features like E-commerce you have to upgrade your site.

With WordPress, you may not worry about the monthly or annual fee. But you have to pay for the hosting, themes, and plugins. There are a lot of free themes and plugins on WordPress. But if you want to use more attractive themes you have to purchase them, which eventually will increase the price.

Wix plans give limited plans to choose from, but WordPress has many flexible and suitable basic plans for new websites. That makes WordPress a definite winner in this factor.


Security is one of those impactful factors when choosing a platform for your website. Platforms like Wix, which don’t give much access to their core functionality have fewer threats from malicious activity.

Even though not always Wix was this secure, in the early stages, it too had faced security failures. But Wix Improved their security with time.

Wix level-ups its security game by offering HTTPS/TLS encryption. TLS is an industry-standard used by many developers to assure security from hackers.

With these, the software is never outdated due to self-updating features. 

WordPress with a lot number of plugins and themes has more threats to website security. They have worked on their security terms and are giving authority to install SSL certificates. That surely makes WordPress much secure than before.

But as we talk about security, Wix is taking over this factor for sure.

4)Templates and Themes 

Wix provides more than 800 + designer templates on Wix. There are categories like E-commerce, Video, Blog, Music, Online store, Animal causes, etc. And let me tell the templates are so beautiful. The colour combinations and everything is so visually perfect there is less need to edit much of it. But once you choose a template you can’t change it.

WordPress is the king of website builders for sure, but here I’m not declaring it as the best from Wix. With almost 11,000 + themes WordPress gives more choices. There are many Free as well as paid themes out of these 11,000 and more. And you can switch themes or customize them any time you want.

So, WordPress holds a better position here when talking about templates and themes. Because of the flexibility to switch them and also in the no. of choices given.


Talking about the performance of the site, both WordPress and Wix are fantastic. However, Wix is a hosted platform. It gives access to the hosting and website builder. But doesn’t give clear access to control the performance of the website. But the Wix team makes sure that the site page is loading at its very best speed. Although you can edit titles and descriptions, Url’s and can improve website Seo score. And if you don’t want to handle the site performance of the website, surely go for Wix.

With WordPress, you have to can install several plugins to increase the performance of the site. Plugins like WP smush can help you with image optimization, You will get all control of your site performance.

So, here Wix is more friendly to beginners. As the Wix team takes care 


Wix or WordPress, we feel both are the best in their field. However, Wix helps you in creating Easy and Simple sites with their best builder. Whereas, WordPress is for advance and Powerful projects.

Choosing a platform depends on your business requirements as well. So, discuss the requirements with your partner and consider the above points when choosing one.  We hope we made it clear to you which platform to choose.

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